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What are My Options if I am Among Many Injury Victims in a Tampa Accident?

The details behind many accidents are not always straightforward. You might become ill by eating restaurant food that sickened dozens of other patrons. You may have sustained injuries in a chain-reaction accident involving ten other cars. When accidental injuries involve many participants or complex details, you need to consult with a litigation law firm with… Read More »

What Should I Do if I Slip and Fall in a Store or Restaurant?

If you suffer serious injuries in any situation, you may need to seek immediate medical attention. However, if you have a little time before seeing a doctor, you can take steps to collect evidence. The most important thing you can do to preserve your rights to compensation is to talk to a Tampa premises liability… Read More »

Should I Sign a Low Insurance Settlement Offer?

Your signature on an insurance settlement offer closes out your claim. You cannot re-open it later if you discover you have damages that exceed the settlement amount. Many insurers try to convince claimants to take advantage of a quick settlement so they can avoid paying higher damages later. This practice often represents one type of… Read More »

Do I Automatically Lose All Rights to Sue for Medical Malpractice Once the Statute of Limitations Runs Out?

In many cases, such as when you suffer injury immediately following a medical treatment, the law holds you to the two-year statute of limitations. However, many injuries reveal themselves long after treatment. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Tampa must conduct extensive research and investigation to determine the true length of time you have to… Read More »

What Causes Serious Trucking Accidents in Florida?

Certainly, the size and weight of semi-trucks makes them a major threat to smaller vehicles that share the roads. However, when a Tampa truck accident attorney conducts a truck crash investigation, he or she must delve into virtually every aspect of the complex trucking company business operations to determine the true causes and accurately identify… Read More »

Motorcycle Safety Tips For Motorcyclists And Car Drivers

Compared to a car, when an accident happens, a motorcycle offers no protection to the rider. As a result, the injuries resulting from a motorcycle crash are often more severe than those associated with a car crash. While motorcyclists won’t be able to completely eliminate the chance of injuries from a motorcycle accident, they can… Read More »

Who is at Fault if My Child Climbs the Fence and Suffers Injuries in the Pool Next Door?

Living next door to a home with a swimming pool creates significant risks if you have small children. Naturally, you want to take every conceivable precaution to protect your children. However, Florida law recognizes that even the most vigilant supervision cannot prevent every possible accident, so it places a great degree of responsibility on pool… Read More »

How Much Time Do I Have To File A Wrongful Death Claim For The Death Of A Loved One?

When a loved one has died as a result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness, it can be difficult to think of anything else other than the full impact of your loss. Filing a wrongful claim is likely not among the things on your mind at such a tragic time, but often there is a… Read More »

Do I Have to Go to Court When My Insurer Denies My Valid Claim?

Many insurers look for ways to protect their bottom lines by denying valid claims and hoping policyholders accept their decisions without question. In such cases, experienced Tampa insurance attorneys can help protect your rights to compensation — often without the need for a courtroom trial. During a time when policyholders are vulnerable after a loss,… Read More »

How Does Florida’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Law Affect My Rights As An Auto Accident Victim?

Getting injured in a motor vehicle accident can have severe consequences, but for the past year, Florida residents have had to contend with more than just dealing with the health issues related to their car accident injuries. Under changes to Florida’s personal injury protection (PIP) laws, which came into effect on January 1, 2013, car… Read More »

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