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Tampa Serious Personal Injury Attorneys

Skilled representation for injured victims in Tampa, Brandon & throughout Florida

After a catastrophic injury, the lives of you and your family are changed forever.

With serious personal injury, many people never fully recover and are left with significant physical and financial losses. The financial and emotional costs which are associated with this type of long-term injury dramatically challenge even the most stable families. A serious personal injury may permanently alter your quality of life. If you are unable to return to work, you will be forced to learn new skills to support you and your family. Larson Johnson, P.L. routinely works with experts to assist in evaluating and providing practical assistance through these difficult times. We also work with doctors and various professionals to determine how much money will be needed to support the changes necessary to live a meaningful life, and to effectively present those damages to an insurance company, judge or jury.

It is extremely important to hire aggressive and tenacious lawyers who will ensure that you recover the compensation necessary to replace what you have lost, and provide what you need for the future. The Tampa personal injury attorneys of Larson Johnson, P.L. has the litigation, trial and appellate experience to successfully handle cases from the investigation through conclusion.

Call our resourceful, skilled catastrophic injury lawyers for a free consultation today

At Larson Johnson, PL, our accident lawyers have the experience and resources needed to help you obtain the maximum recovery possible for losses and future needs. Contact us online or call us at 813-867-2055 today for a free initial consultation to find out how we can help you. We represent clients throughout Tampa, Brandon and the state of Florida who have been involved in significant accidents involving serious personal injuries and damages.

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