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What are My Options if I am Among Many Injury Victims in a Tampa Accident?

The details behind many accidents are not always straightforward. You might become ill by eating restaurant food that sickened dozens of other patrons. You may have sustained injuries in a chain-reaction accident involving ten other cars. When accidental injuries involve many participants or complex details, you need to consult with a litigation law firm with specific experience unraveling such intricate circumstances.

Many people assume that accidents involving many injury victims automatically require them to band together in a class action suit. However, individuals who have the legal capacity to file class action suits under the Florida statutes may not adequately recover their losses when sharing an award among numerous claimants. In the case of something like a multi-car accident, each individual injury may point to the liability of different accident participants, making a class action suit inappropriate.

An experienced Tampa litigation lawyer knows how to conduct detailed investigation to expose the causes of your specific injuries and identify the negligent parties. For example, even in a ten-car pileup, your damages may point directly to the driver who failed to stop behind you.

Not every accident claim is simple. The attorneys at Larson Johnson, P.L. have over four decades of experience representing clients injured in a wide array of complex circumstances. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation so we can discuss all available legal options for your claim.

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