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Motorcycle Safety Tips For Motorcyclists And Car Drivers

Compared to a car, when an accident happens, a motorcycle offers no protection to the rider. As a result, the injuries resulting from a motorcycle crash are often more severe than those associated with a car crash. While motorcyclists won’t be able to completely eliminate the chance of injuries from a motorcycle accident, they can stack the odds a little more in their favor by following safety experts’ motorcycle safety tips. By following motorcycle awareness tips, drivers of cars can also help prevent car-motorcycle collisions.

Out of the 9,384 motorcycle crashes that occurred in Florida in 2012, 7,809 motorcyclists were injured, and 425 of these accidents resulted in the death of the motorcyclist. Injuries that are commonly associated with motorcycle accidents include head trauma, brain injuries, broken bones, skin abrasions, facial injuries and spinal cord injuries. The consequences of many of these injuries can be quite severe.

Motorcyclists can help reduce their chances of severe injury by wearing protective gear, such as leather jackets and sturdy shoes with rugged soles and ankle supports, and proper motorcycle helmets. Don’t ride while distracted, and always try to surround yourself with a lot of space. Car drivers should treat motorcycles like other cars and trucks, avoid tailgating a motorcycle, always look twice and don’t forget to check blind spots.

Motorcycle accidents can cause severe injuries, and prevention is definitely the best practice. While it’s impossible to eliminate all chance of injury, practicing safe driving, whether you ride a motorcycle or drive a car, can make a difference. If you find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident, consult a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your case. We work diligently to help injured people recover the compensation they deserve.

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