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Monthly Archives: July 2014

What Causes Serious Trucking Accidents in Florida?

Certainly, the size and weight of semi-trucks makes them a major threat to smaller vehicles that share the roads. However, when a Tampa truck accident attorney conducts a truck crash investigation, he or she must delve into virtually every aspect of the complex trucking company business operations to determine the true causes and accurately identify… Read More »

Motorcycle Safety Tips For Motorcyclists And Car Drivers

Compared to a car, when an accident happens, a motorcycle offers no protection to the rider. As a result, the injuries resulting from a motorcycle crash are often more severe than those associated with a car crash. While motorcyclists won’t be able to completely eliminate the chance of injuries from a motorcycle accident, they can… Read More »

Who is at Fault if My Child Climbs the Fence and Suffers Injuries in the Pool Next Door?

Living next door to a home with a swimming pool creates significant risks if you have small children. Naturally, you want to take every conceivable precaution to protect your children. However, Florida law recognizes that even the most vigilant supervision cannot prevent every possible accident, so it places a great degree of responsibility on pool… Read More »

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