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What Causes Serious Trucking Accidents in Florida?

Certainly, the size and weight of semi-trucks makes them a major threat to smaller vehicles that share the roads. However, when a Tampa truck accident attorney conducts a truck crash investigation, he or she must delve into virtually every aspect of the complex trucking company business operations to determine the true causes and accurately identify all liable parties.

Every Florida truck operator must adhere to extensive federal regulations in addition to the requirements set forth in the Florida Department of Transportation Commercial Motor Vehicle Manual. All regulations attempt to ensure the safety of all vehicles on the road by governing virtually every consideration involved in a truck run, including the following:

  • Careful inspection of parts and equipment
  • Balanced and secure loading of cargo within the trailer
  • Medical certification of certain drivers
  • Logbooks that include driver hours of service

Clearly, many issues can cause drivers to lose control of their massive vehicles. Moreover, less experienced or under-trained drivers have an even greater risk of serious accidents because they may not know how to respond.

However, the causes of semi-truck accidents can also point back to decisions made by company management, who may set unrealistic deadlines to meet customer demands or take shortcuts in truck preparation to get them on the road more quickly. An experienced Tampa truck accident lawyer must extend investigations to everyone involved in a truck run — even outside parties who conduct repairs or manufacturers of substandard parts.

Thorough investigation is vital to help ensure truck accident injury victims pursue claims against all parties whose negligence contributed to the accident. The attorneys at Larson Johnson, P.L. have over four decades of combined experience investigating the causes of truck accidents and helping clients pursue the full and fair compensation they deserve. Call us for a free initial consultation to learn how we can help.

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