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Do I Have to Go to Court When My Insurer Denies My Valid Claim?

Many insurers look for ways to protect their bottom lines by denying valid claims and hoping policyholders accept their decisions without question. In such cases, experienced Tampa insurance attorneys can help protect your rights to compensation — often without the need for a courtroom trial.

During a time when policyholders are vulnerable after a loss, some insurers deny claims based on any number of false premises. In addition to federal laws, the Florida statutes pertaining to insurance field representatives and operations prohibit virtually every imaginable illegal practice to protect policyholders who file valid claims. In addition, the law requires insurers to conduct thorough and timely investigations and promptly answer your questions regarding the status of your claim. However, taking action against a powerful insurance company can pose challenges for the average individual.

Insurance companies do not typically want to go court to resolve a policyholder issue. When they receive calls from insurance dispute lawyers in Tampa who show they know the details of the law, such companies often become willing to enter into negotiations to quickly and fairly resolve your claim. The law provides for civil action in court when you cannot settle a dispute through a negotiated settlement.

Of course, insurance companies can deny claims for valid reasons. However, if you have any concern that your claim was unfairly denied, or even if it seems to take too long to obtain a decision, you should seek legal advice. In your free initial consultation, the attorneys at Larson Johnson, P.L. can assess the merits of your claim and identify the potential legal options available to you.

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