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Tampa Insurance Attorneys

Most Americans pay premiums for auto, property, health, life and disability insurance.

In exchange for payment of this premium, individuals expect the Insurance companies to follow through with payments for services required in cases of injury, illness, property damage, loss of earning capacity and death. Unfortunately, it is becoming common that many insurers find technical reasons to avoid making the payments that they owe to those who have paid insurance premiums or otherwise have legitimate claims.

Whether you have been injured or have experienced loss or damage to property resulting in an insurance claim that you believe has been unjustly denied, we will investigate and assist you through the claims and litigation process to recover those payments to which you are entitled.

We handle insurance issues involving:

Bad Faith Claims

Insurance coverage disputes

Motor vehicle accidents

Nursing home claims

Medical Malpractice disputes

Product and retailer liability

Property and casualty claims

Uninsured Motorist claims

Underinsured motorist claims

Life insurance claims

Disability claims

Litigating insurance cases is a complicated matter that involves issues with Federal and State laws. It is extremely important to receive legal advice from attorneys experienced in this area of law. With the proper legal expertise and advice, you can substantially increase your chances of prevailing against your insurance company.

Get the backing you need in your insurance dispute — call our Tampa law firm for a free consult today

If you believe your insurance claim was unjustly denied, the experienced attorneys at Larson Johnson, PL can help. Going up against an insurance company can be difficult and requires skilled lawyers intimately familiar with federal and state insurance law. Call 813-867-2055 or contact us online today for a free initial consultation.

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