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Animal Attack Injury Attorneys

Tampa Animal Attack Injury Attorneys

Dog bites and other animal attacks are unpredictable, and too often result in serious personal injuries and permanent emotional trauma.

Millions of animal attacks occur each year and the effects can be devastating and even fatal. Many cities and states have adopted statutes and ordinances concerning what types of animals you can own, and how victims of animal attacks can pursue compensation.

The most recent study of Dog Bite injuries in the United States finds that dogs attack about 4.7 million people each year. Of these, around 800,000 need medical attention.

By contacting LJ as soon as possible after the attack, you will obtain much-needed information on important rules and regulations such as:

  • Statutes of Limitations
  • Comparative negligence
  • Contributory Negligence
  • Personal injuries
  • Dog Bite Damages

Start with a free consultation and then pay no legal costs until your animal attack case is resolved

Have you been attacked by a dog or another domestic animal? Call 813-867-2055 or contact Larson Johnson, PL to arrange a free initial consultation today. Our Tampa animal attack injury attorneys have extensive knowledge of Florida dog bite laws, guaranteeing that you are equipped with all necessary information to protect you and your loved ones’ interests as well as gain financial compensation for losses.

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