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Tampa Product Liability Lawyers

Thousands of consumers are subjected to serious injuries each year due to defective products.

Many of these injuries could easily be avoided if manufacturers and distributors would take additional precautionary steps to protect their consumers. Many safety improvements are implemented only after companies are faced with numerous products liability suits. Products liability lawsuits provide compensation for injuries which are sustained due to the use of a defective product.

Every year, thousands of products found to be defective or unsafe are recalled by either the manufacturer or a governmental agency. These recalls can result from a flaw in the product’s design, contamination of food or materials used in the product, a manufacturing mistake, or an unseen risk that is presented only after the product has been on the market for some time. Anything from an automobile or its parts, machinery, drugs, baby strollers, household appliances, clothing which may not be flame resistant, to recreational equipment falls under the category of a “Product.” Unfortunately when a corporation manufactures these products, they do not always concentrate on the consumer’s well-being, and sometimes put profits before safety.

There are typically three types of products liability cases:

Design defects – defects that are inherent to the product’s creation.
Manufacturing defects – defects that occur during the process of making the product.
Marketing defects – improperly warning the consumer of any possible dangers.

Injured by a defective product? Call today for a free consultation with our Tampa product liability lawyers

At Larson Johnson, PL, our Tampa personal injury lawyers ensure that the injured consumers or their family receive fair treatment under the law and seek full and fair compensation for the injuries caused by defective and dangerous products. Contact us online or call 813-867-2055 today for a free initial consultation on your product liability case.

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