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Tampa Truck Accident Lawyers

Although they represent a smaller percentage of the vehicles on the road, trucks cause a disproportionate number of traffic accidents.  It is estimated that 80,000 trucking accidents occur in the United States every year, with 4,000 fatalities.  Driver fatigue and speeding account for many trucking accidents.

Trucking companies often cut corners when it comes to federal safety laws, resulting in collisions that can have disastrous—or fatal—consequences for the automobile driver or passengers.

If you have been injured in an accident with an 18 wheeler, semi, or tractor-trailer in Tampa, you have the legal right to claim damages if the accident was the result of negligence or reckless conduct.  Your chances of getting fair compensation are much greater if you have a reputable truck accident lawyer who understands the complexity of trucking regulations and knows how to deal with insurance companies attempting to minimize the liability of their clients.

Truck Accident Lawyers serving Brandon, Tampa & Florida

After a trucking accident, you may be overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to heal from your injury.  You may need extensive medical treatment.  Adjusting to life with a permanent disability is challenging—for everyone in the family.  All these immediate concerns can make it difficult to think realistically about your long-term financial needs.

But before you accept a settlement offer from the insurance company representing the trucking company, discuss your case with one of the experienced trucking accident attorneys at Larson Johnson, P.L.  They have represented clients in trucking accidents in the Tampa area and understand the emotional and financial consequences of a serious injury.  A fair compensation claim can include:

  • Immediate and long-term medical costs
  • Temporary or permanent lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

A Tampa truck accident law firm with experience

Determining liability in trucking accident claims can be complicated since there may be more than one party at fault.  For instance, a tractor-trailer may have suddenly veered into the wrong lane because an improperly trained driver traveling over the speed limit hit the brakes, which were not maintained according to safety standards.  In this case, several parties would share liability for the accident.

The trucking accident lawyers at Larson Johnson, P.L. pride themselves on their exhaustive investigative skills.  They also know how the trucking industry works, and they are knowledgeable in federal and state trucking regulations and interstate commerce law.  Put this together with their commitment to getting the fair, just compensation their clients are entitled to receive, and you have one of the most successful trucking accident law firms in Tampa and the surrounding area.

Contact our experienced Tampa trucking accident lawyers today for a free consultation

At Larson Johnson, PL, our experienced trucking accident lawyers know how to investigate and navigate what can be a complex liability issues with potentially multiple parties involved. Contact us online or call 813-867-2055 today for a free initial consultation on your truck accident case. We represent seriously injured clients in Tampa, Brandon, Dover, University, Plant City and throughout the state of Florida.

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