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2011 West Cleveland Street, Tampa, Florida 33606

Tampa Serious Accident and Wrongful Death Law Firm

Standing up for personal injury clients in Florida, South Carolina and across the United States

The powerhouse lawyers at the Tampa law firm of Larson Johnson, P.L. have more than 40 years of combined experience successfully litigating cases involving serious personal injury and wrongful death.  The law firm represents those harmed due to another’s negligence or carelessness in cases originating in Florida, South Carolina and beyond. Because of their strong reputation for results opposing large insurance companies, the firm’s injury attorneys are frequently called in by other

lawyers to consult on cases throughout the United States.

What makes Larson Johnson unique?

Partners Dan Larson and Marc Johnson personally dedicate themselves to each accident injury case they accept. From the first interview through final resolution, the well-being of their clients is their primary motivation for obtaining the best possible outcome. Standing up for the rights of clients means fighting for full and fair compensation for the medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and many other costs that often damage the futures of their catastrophically injured clients.
When Larson Johnson is your law firm, you can expect:

Personal attention. Your calls are personally returned within 24 hours by your attorney. Your case is explained in detail, your questions are answered, and you are kept “in the loop” regarding all aspects of your case.

Experience. The more cases and trials that attorneys resolve, the better they can recognize the most potent strategies to resolve your case favorably, and the more prepared they are to recognize and overcome insurance company and defense lawyer objections.

Compassion. Working together with clients to resolve their issues often creates strong “family” bonds between lawyers and those they represent. Larson Johnson accident lawyers respect the pain, frustration, and anger that often accompany serious injuries and compassion and understanding rule their interactions with their clients.

Diligent preparation. Preparing a fully documented insurance offer and/or lawsuit is the foundation for successful resolution to serious injury compensation claims.  Each part of the claim must be thoroughly researched and substantiated. Medical records, witness statements, investigator reports, expert opinions, and financial advice are supplied. This documentation allows Larson Johnson injury attorneys to aggressively pursue full and just compensation for clients.

Skilled litigation. As skilled litigators, Dan Larson and Marc Johnson have the tools to take their cases to trial if necessary to achieve the best possible result for clients. Knowing this, most insurance adjustors are more willing to settle out of court, assuring lower legal fees and saving clients from the trauma of the courtroom. However, if a case must go to trial, they are fully prepared to zealously fight for the client’s right to full compensation.

Creative negotiation. Negotiating an agreement that is beneficial to the client and acceptable to the insurance company is an art. For Larson Johnson, preparation and knowledge of creative alternatives to get their message across enable them to negotiate from strength.

Deep resources. It is sometimes necessary to call on the services of expert witnesses to substantiate a claim. Over the years, Larson Johnson has developed excellent relationships with a diverse group of experts to call upon when necessary.

Contact our knowledgeable Tampa injury lawyers for a free consultation today

Call 813-867-2055 or contact Larson Johnson, PL online today for a free initial consultation if you or a family member has suffered a catastrophic injury or wrongful death. Our Tampa injury lawyers take pride in constant personal interaction with our clients throughout the litigation process.

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