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What Are My Options In An Automobile Accident Involving An Uninsured Or Underinsured Driver?

Under Florida law, it’s mandatory for drivers to obtain automobile insurance. However, the minimum coverage required is relatively low, and this increases the chances of being involved in an accident with a driver who is underinsured. In some cases, people may be driving illegally without any insurance at all. Drivers with a valid Florida license… Read More »

Can I Get Pulled Over For Texting While Driving In Florida?

Unlike in most other states, using your cell phone while you’re driving in Florida isn’t illegal. Recent changes to Florida law have, however, made texting while driving illegal. Does this mean that you can get pulled over for texting while you’re driving? While the new law is the first in Florida to address the issue… Read More »

Who Is Responsible For My Injuries From My Slip And Fall Accident At A Store Or Other Retail Establishment?

Slip and fall accidents do happen, but when they happen at your grocery store, or another retail establishment you frequent, who is responsible for the injuries you suffer as a result of your fall? In Florida, the answer to this question is not as obvious as it may seem. Under common law, business owners and… Read More »

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of A Traumatic Brain Injury Caused By An Accident?

Our brains are uniquely designed to provide us with protection from normal, everyday stresses and minor, accidental blows to the head. When an injury is incurred in an accident like a motor vehicle accident, however, the force of the blows sustained to the head can cause traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can result in severe… Read More »

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Involved In An Auto Accident In Florida?

The moments after a car accident are often chaotic, and it can be difficult to know what you should be doing in the aftermath. People may be milling around, dazed and confused — you may be feeling dazed and confused. Because a car crash can happen at any time, it’s important to know what you… Read More »

Who’s At Fault In Car-Motorcycle Accidents?

There’s nothing like the feeling of the freedom you get while riding down the highway on a motorcycle, but when it comes to car-motorcycle collisions, the motorcycle unfortunately offers its rider very little protection. Given the dangerous consequences of a motorcycle collision with a car, motorcycle riders need to be on the alert for the… Read More »

Is My Child Using The Right Child Restraint In The Car?

When motor vehicle accidents happen, children are among those most prone to injuries. In addition to meeting the requirements of Florida’s child restraint law, parents need to also ensure that their children’s car seats are installed and used properly. Florida’schild restraint lawrequires that children five years of age or younger be properly restrained when riding… Read More »

Can The Rear Driver In A Rear-End Accident Sue The Front Driver For Damages?

It’s well known that the driver of the rear car in a rear-end accident is generally presumed to be at fault for the collision. Does this mean, however, that the rear driver in a real-end collision can never sue the front driver for damages? For example, what if the driver of the front vehicle was… Read More »

The Complexities Of Accidents Involving Large Trucks

When a large truck collides with a smaller vehicle or pedestrian, the results can be catastrophic, given the size and weight of many large trucks today. Injuries sustained as a result of a collision with a large truck can be very severe, and in addition to regular collisions, large trucks run the risk of rolling… Read More »

What to Do When You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

For many elders, the much anticipated leisure life of the “Golden Years” is anything but leisurely.  Instead of living independently, some elders rely on their children or grandchildren to provide care for them. Others are among the thousands of people who turn to nursing homes for skilled care.  The latest reports from the Centers for… Read More »

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