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Who Is Responsible For My Injuries From My Slip And Fall Accident At A Store Or Other Retail Establishment?

Slip and fall accidents do happen, but when they happen at your grocery store, or another retail establishment you frequent, who is responsible for the injuries you suffer as a result of your fall? In Florida, the answer to this question is not as obvious as it may seem.

Under common law, business owners and landlords have a responsibility to keep their premises well maintained. But, under Florida law, if you tripped and fell as a result of an unsafe condition on business premises, you have to prove not only that the unsafe condition existed and was the cause of your injuries, but also that the business owner had actual knowledge of the dangerous condition and failed to take action to fix the situation.

In cases in which you cannot prove the business owner had actual knowledge of the hazard, you may be able to prove that the unsafe condition existed for a long enough period of time that any reasonable business owner would have noticed it and taken steps to correct it. You also need to show that it was foreseeable that the property owner’s negligence in not fixing the problem would cause an accident.

Because issues of premises liability are more complicated under Florida law, if you’ve suffered injuries from a slip and fall in a retail establishment, it’s important to consult an attorney as soon as possible after your fall. An experienced Florida accident attorney will take the proper steps to investigate and document all aspects of your accident, including taking pictures, obtaining the accident report and questioning witnesses, all of which are vital to your claim for compensation.

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