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Complex Litigation

Litigation is generally characterized as complex due to its incorporation of one or more of the following issues:

High numbers of potential witnesses and deponents
Voluminous and complex documents
Issues, which involve complex calculations and significant data compilations
Complexity of multiple case issues
Class action suits
The requirement to persuade through sophisticated graphics and technology
The need to defend and present, or cross-examine expert witnesses concerning highly technical and complex subjects

Our practice extends through all phases of litigation. Complex litigation is typically very expensive, but our costs are controlled through expansive litigation management, risk assessment techniques, and the use of alternative dispute resolution techniques.

We also understand the importance of communication skills needed to ensure our client’s success. We present information in a manner which makes complicated facts and law accessible to a judge and jury, giving our clients the greatest chance of prevailing.

Tampa litigation attorneys handle tough cases cost effectively

At Larson Johnson, PL, our highly regarded and experienced lawyers know how to present complex cases for successful outcomes while managing costs. Although based in Tampa, the litigation team takes cases throughout Florida and South Carolina. Contact us online or call 813-867-2055 today.

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