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What is Premises Liability?

Passengers aboard the Carnival Triumph ship who spent five miserable days in the Gulf of Mexico recently suffered greatly, but they probably won’t be able to recover much in damages from the popular cruise line.  Many of 4,000 occupants said that they experienced emotional distress from the overflowing toilets, food shortages and just plain boredom. However, personal injury laws place limits on the amount of damages these passengers can claim.  Cruise line officials offered each passenger a payout consisting of a full refund, $500 and credit for a future cruise.  Passengers who actually suffered physical injury while on board could increase their money concessions by suing Carnival for up to $657,000 – the cruise line’s contractual limits. Experts estimate that the cruise line will offer settlements for slip and fall injuries.

Types of slip and fall accidents

Florida law requires property owners and businesses to keep their premises in a reasonable and safe condition for anyone who might enter. This includes visitors, employees and even trespassers.  A slip and fall accident usually refers to an injury that occurs on someone’s property because of improper maintenance. Slip and fall injuries are among the most common type of premises liability.  Your Tampa premises liability attorney  can help you recover from slip and fall accidents, including the following:

  • Trip and fall ― if you trip over an object or an uneven pathway
  • Slip and fall ― if you slip into a hole or a low spot in your pathway
  • Slip and fall ― if you slip on a surface covered with liquid

Proving liability

Florida law  requires that you prove three things in order to receive compensation for a slip and fall injury:

  1. Duty of care ― the property owner or business invited you to visit if the store was open at the time of your injury
  2. Reasonable care ― the property owner or business did not take reasonable care to ensure the safety of the premises
  3. Injury ― the injury occurred due to lack of reasonable care

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At Larson Johnson, P.L . our experienced attorneys are well versed in Florida law and how it may affect your claim.  We conduct thorough investigations to ensure our clients recover full compensation from their injuries.

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