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Do Florida Drivers Have Liability When Involved in Auto Accidents While Talking on the Phone?

Between the lack of cell phone use laws and no-fault auto insurance requirements in Florida, drivers may believe they have a low risk of legal consequences when their phone use causes auto accidents. However, an experienced auto accident attorney in Tampa can easily recount many cases where a distracted cell phone user caused serious injuries — and paid a significant price.

Distracted Driving

Cell phone usage requires some or all of the following elements of distracted driving:

  • Taking your eyes off the road
  • Taking your hands off the wheel
  • Taking your mind off of driving

During 2009 alone, nearly 1,000 U.S. auto crash deaths and 24,000 injuries involved the use of cell phones as the major distraction, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In addition, it appears many drivers understand these risks, because the CDC further reports that about 30 percent of drivers feel less safe on the roads today because of increased distracted driving.

Can police issue citations for cell phone usage while driving in Florida?

Florida currently has no cell phone laws for drivers, but this type of distraction leads drivers to break other laws, such as speeding or swerving in and out of lanes. Police can and do issue citations for these other violations. If you sustain injuries in a crash with a distracted driver, we can help you recover the full value of your expenses against the liable party.  Negligence occurs around us every day, even when there may be no violation of a criminal statute.  Let us evaluate your civil claim and advise if you have a case.

If you are injured in an accident with a distracted driver, call us today!

Do not assume Florida law prevents you from holding distracted drivers liable when their negligent cell phone usage causes you to suffer severe injuries. The experienced attorneys of Larson Johnson, P.L. offer a free consultation to assess your specific situation and present all available legal option.

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