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Over the years, Florida’s public transportation system has evolved. While we once were limited to hailing a ride from a taxi cab or hopping on the local city bus to get from one destination to the next, we now have options. Between Uber and Lyft, local transportation has become easier, especially for those whose vehicle is out of commission or for a person who is being responsible and avoiding driving while impaired. While rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have changed the way we get around, there have also been cases where negligent rideshare drivers cause serious or fatal accidents.

If you were involved in an accident with a negligent Uber or Lyft driver in Tampa, FL and suffered injuries as a result, you should speak with an experienced car accident lawyer to find out what your legal rights are. While you may be entitled to recover compensation from the driver’s insurance company, you may also have a valid claim against the company itself.

How does Uber choose who it hires and can the company be sued if a negligent motorist causes an accident?

Uber recognizes the risk involved in letting individuals take on the responsibility of picking up individuals and taking them to their desired destinations. That is why the company conducts a background check on a person before they allow them to make their first trip. According to Uber’s website, “before anyone can drive with Uber, they must undergo a multi-step safety screen, including being checked for driving violations, impaired driving, violent crime, and other checks.” The company also says that it “rescreens drivers every year and uses technology to look for issues in between.”

The company’s website goes on to explain that its platform has technology built into it that “proactively obtains criminal offenses from a number of data sources.” In the event the technology picks up an offense for an active driver, the company says it will review it and determine if that individual is still eligible to continue driving for the company. While Uber may take some preventative measures, it cannot always predict when one of its drivers is going to engage in negligent, dangerous or reckless behavior.

What happens when you accept a ride from an Uber driver who negligently causes a motor vehicle crash? Can you sue the driver, the company, or perhaps both? While you may have a viable case against both the driver and Uber, keep in mind that Uber has grown into a billion-dollar company and is protected by its own team of lawyers, insurance company, and the insurance company’s team of lawyers. You need an experienced team of your own with the background, education, experience and skill to aggressively represent you to recover compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, etc.  You need to hire a Tampa, FL car accident attorney of your own.

The Car Accident Lawyers at Larson Johnson, P.L. are here to help you get you the money you deserve.

If would like one of our car accident lawyers in Tampa, FL to value your injuries and determine which parties are liable for paying you the full value of your damages, we encourage you to contact us as 813-228-6688. To learn more about the lawsuit process and what steps would need to be taken to initiate it, contact our office today.

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