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Amazon worked its way up to becoming the world’s largest retailer after the company offered consumers unbeatable prices and promised to deliver products fast. While many have found it to be advantageous to shop on the company’s online platform, there are others whose lives have been negatively impacted by the drivers who are responsible for getting these packages out to the consumer in the timeframe they were promised. In fact, “ProPublica identified more than 60 accidents since June 2015 involving Amazon delivery contractors that resulted in serious injuries, including 10 deaths” [Source: New York Times].

9-Month-Old Dies in Collision Involving Amazon Delivery Truck

In January 2019, a nine-month-old suffered fatal injuries after her mother’s Jeep was rear-ended by a 26-foot rented box truck that was being utilized to deliver Amazon.com packages. The baby had been strapped into her car seat in the back of the vehicle but that wasn’t enough to protect her from the impact. The delivery driver, who had been hired as a subcontractor to transport pallets containing Amazon boxes from Boston to Maine, said “that he was running late and failed to spot the Jeep in time to avoid the crash.”

Although the family decided to hire lawyers after losing their daughter in the accident, the New York Times said that if they were to “try to hold Amazon accountable, they would confront a company that shields itself from liability for accidents involving the drivers who deliver its billions of packages a year.” The fact is, Amazon has found a way to “create a network of independent contractors and subcontractors across the country that allows the company to expand and shrink the delivery force as needed while avoiding the costs of taking on permanent employees.”

The trouble with this business scheme is that in most states, when an employee is considered an independent contractor, the company they are completing jobs for isn’t liable when an accident occurs. This can make it extremely difficult for a victim of a truck accident to sue companies like Amazon and others like it. The New York Times reported that “an operations manager for Amazon testified in Chicago that it signs such agreements with all its “delivery service partners,” who assumes the liability and the responsibility for legal costs. The agreements cover “all loss or damage to personal property or bodily harm including death.”

The source went on to point out that in many of the accidents that involved a contractor working for Amazon, the “drivers were using cars, trucks and cargo vans that bore no hint of Amazon’s corporate logo.” For example, the truck that was involved in the motor vehicle collision that was responsible for the death of nine-month-old Gabrielle Kennedy was only marked “Penske Truck Rental.”

Here’s why you need to retain a Tampa truck accident lawyer following the occurrence of an accident with a delivery truck.

If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in a delivery truck accident in FL or a relative was killed, you may run into liability issues when you bring a claim for damages. Because these companies often hire independent contractors and subcontractors to complete many of their jobs, it may be unclear as to who is responsible. Complex laws in Florida will govern your personal injury claim and it is important that you understand how these laws will affect your case.

Some other reasons why you should retain legal counsel after a motor vehicle collision with a delivery truck, whether the driver is employed with the company or is working as an independent contractor or subcontractor include:

  1. They can help you prove the delivery driver was at fault. In a case that involves personal injuries or death, you will be required to prove that the driver who hit you was negligent or careless in some way. Although it can sometimes be difficult to gather enough evidence to prove the other driver was at fault, the truck accident attorneys at Larson Johnson, P.L. have experience with cases like these and will be able to help you navigate the complex issues to establish and prove liability.
  2. An attorney will be there to support you from the start of the case up until the end. Dan Larson and Marc Johnson personally represent each of Larson Johnson, P.L.’s clients while employing a team approach to every case, to ensure that each client has the benefit of the extensive experience, resources, education and skill of the entire Larson Johnson team.
  3. Your lawyers will serve as the liaison between you, the other party involved, insurance company representatives, lawyers and the court. This means you will have the experienced representation you need while you focus on receiving medical treatment and getting back to work.

You should know that the claims and lawsuit process can be lengthy, especially when it involves a large company like Amazon.  You will need skilled and experienced representation who will ensure that you receive the best possible outcome. If you want a dedicated accident attorney in Tampa working on your side who is skilled, experienced, qualified and compassionate, contact Larson Johnson, P.L. today.


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